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My Favorite Island in the World

Over the years my family always traveled to the Gulf Coast in the summer for a beach vacation. I have fond memories of our time together there. My love for the beach and ocean started at a young age. Ocean air and Salty hair is my mantra!

When my husband and I started dating we were able to go to Exuma Bahamas to visit family there at the time, and I fell in LOVE with this island! We are babies here!

Exuma 2003

The beauty of this island is unparalleled. No matter what beach I visit I may think it is beautiful, but I secretly, and sometimes not so secretly compare them to Exuma.

Beauty of Exuma

We started coming here in 1999 and the island has grown and changed in many ways since we first started coming. In the early days there was no internet, lots of power surges, and no tourists except boaters. While there are two larger resorts on the main island now, it is still a very remote island. It is the perfect place to go if you are looking to unwind, recharge, and let your worries float away in the ocean. The pace of the island is slow, and that is just what I like.

To get to Greater Exuma you can catch a flight into Georgetown the main city in Greater Exuma. There are direct flights from numerous airports.

Exuma International Airport

If you are looking for restaurants, shopping, and a city life this is not the place for you. If you want restaurants and nightlife however, you can stay at Sandals and be pampered till your hearts content.

Sandals Emerald Bay

There are also many tours you can take in Exuma, from swimming pigs, bone fishing, kayak tours, and snorkeling there is something here for everyone.

However, if you are like my family and you like to make your own adventure this is the perfect island to rent a car or boat and create your own magic on the island. There are many Cays, coves, and reefs we have discovered over the years, and enjoy returning to for different animal sightings and seashell hunting.

Starfish Hunter

Exploring New Cays

Adventures Await

The water here is indescribable. It is the most beautiful shade of turquoise blue, and so clear you can see the bottom. We say it has its own color, Exuma Blue! There is no need for a pool when you have the crystal-clear waters of Exuma.

Exuma Blue Water

If you are interested in seeing the beauty of the Exuma’s contact me for help in planning the perfect beach vacation. I can help you rent a house or stay in a resort and fall in love with the island just like I have.

What do you look for in the best beach vacation?

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