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Top 10 things I miss about travel!

With everything going on in the world, travel has come to an abrupt halt. Being stuck in my house, I have found myself daydreaming about all the places on my travel bucket list. I have also been thinking of all the places I have already traveled to and want to go back to over and over again! I decided to make a list of the 10 things I miss about travel, even though we all could agree this list could be quite a bit longer.

1. Planning and daydreaming of all the things I will do on my trip!

For me, half of the fun of a trip is the planning. I love finding the perfect hotel or resort. I enjoy thinking of what tours I want to do and what I will see while I am there. Daydreaming about the vacation is half of the fun of the vacation for me.

2. Stepping off of the plane and feeling that exhilaration of a new location you have never visited!

The feeling of stepping off of a plane after a trip and the excitement of knowing your vacation is beginning is the perfect feeling!

3. Wandering the streets of a new city with no specific plan, getting lost and making the best memories.

Some of my families best memories have been made when we had no specific itinerary or plan and just allow the city to envelope us. There is a special magic that is made in a new destination when you let plans unfold in front of you, such as finding that hidden gem, that you had no idea existed.

4. Welcome Drinks at the end of a long travel day.

There is nothing better than a nice refreshing towel and a cool drink when you arrive at a resort. It is the little touches that make a resort special.

5. Doing something I have never done before!

Getting to experience new things is often the highlight of my trips. Don't be afraid to say yes when traveling and do things you never thought you would do. They make some of the best stories!

6. Suntans, Seashells and Sunsets

The ocean is calling and I must go has always been a mantra of mine. Feeling the warm ocean breezes while your skin gets sun-kissed; hunting for souvenir seashells; and soaking in every last sunset I can get. This is one of the best types of vacations.

7. Disney snacks, dinners, parks, and resorts

Have I ever mentioned I love all things Disney... because I do! I love everything there is at Disney World. The food, the rides, the pools, the restaurants. I love having my vacations in the Disney Bubble!

8. Trying new foods that the locals eat.

Part of the adventure is learning what the locals eat and giving the local cuisine/restaurant a try. Rarely have we ever regretted the decision.

9. Learning the history of a new location.

I have been able to watch history come to life in my children's eyes through travel. They have learned history through bike tours, guided tours, and books we have read before we went. Learning about the history of a location makes it come to life in a different and interesting way.

10. Heading home and reminiscing of all the memories I just made.

The trip will have to end at some point but the memories will last a lifetime! You may have to come off the vacation high, but you can relive it anytime your memory allows, and that is truly the best gift of a vacation!

And then there is always #1 on the Top 10 Things I Miss About Traveling: the planning and daydreaming of my next trip to come.....

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