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Top 5 Beaches in Exuma

While visiting the island of Exuma you may find yourself wanting to beach hop to see the different beaches of the island.

Here are my top 5 beaches on Exuma that you can access by car. None of these beaches has restaurants or public facilities so be prepared for that when you go to them. Bring what you need and leave it just as pretty as when you arrived.

1. Tropic of Cancer Beach – This beach is on Little Exuma and can be found by the small sign that says Tropic of Cancer on the left-hand side of the road. There is no Beach access sign so keep your eyes peeled. It is a bit of a bumpy drive down the road once you turn off, and full of potholes. Follow the road around and to the right and you will see a little hut with a Tropic of Cancer sign. There is very little shade, so bring a cooler and umbrella with you if possible. It is a long sweeping beach and most people who go there stop right at the hut so go down to the right or left a bit and you will have the beach all to yourself! If you make your way down to Tropic of Cancer I highly recommend going a little further south to Santana’s for some drinks and lunch. They have the best fried lobster and fried grouper around!

Tropic Of Cancer Beach

Santana's Fried Lobster

2. Forbes Hill Beach- This beach is on Little Exuma, and is about 4 miles past the bridge into Little Exuma. This is a one-way bridge so be aware as you approach and are heading south. Once you pass the cemetery in Forbes Hill you will see a Beach access sign. Turn left here and drive just a short drive and you will have the choice of two different beaches. One of the beaches is a beautiful calm beach, perfect for swimming and lounging the day away. When we went recently there was no one on this beach at all. Just to the right of the first beach is another much smaller beach also known as “sea glass beach”. We were extremely lucky and were able to find quite a few beautiful pieces of sea glass on our last trip there.

Forbes Hill Beach

Sea Glass Beach

3. Hooper’s Bay Beach-This is one of my favorite beaches in Exuma. It is just down from Smitty’s grocery store if you are driving North towards the airport. There is a beach access sign and a small path you can take to get to the beach. It is known for the turtles! Here you can swim with and interact with the cutest sea turtles around. To learn more about the turtles see my blog post on the turtles of Exuma.

Hoopers Bay Beach

Hoopers Bay Beach

4. Coco Plum Beach- This is a beautiful beach in Rolleville. It is best to go to this beach at low tide to enjoy it in its beauty. There are many sandbars and of course the famous swings that were put up for the infamous Fyre Festival. This beach can be accessed by driving North towards Rolleville. When you hit the fork in the road that causes you to turn to Barreterre go straight still. You will take the first turn off on the right with the blue trashcans. There are rumors this will not be a public beach soon and there will be a charge to go there. If they do I would suggest enjoying one of the many other beautiful beaches in Exuma.

Fyre Festival Swings

Coco Plum Beach

5. Jolly Hall Beach – It’s a beautiful beach that doesn’t get super busy. There are shade trees around if you would like to picnic. It is a bit of a cove beach and is protected by Stocking Island so the waters are calm and the sand is super soft!

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