• Amanda Browning

VIP Airport services and DAT in Dominican Republic

With the Pandemic and our family still traveling we decided to book the VIP airport service offered in the Dominican Republic. This is a way to cut down on standing in lines and to have a speedy and fast experience with little interactions in the airport upon arrival.

I reserved our VIP experience for arrival prior to arriving in the Dominican. They confirmed our reservation and I chose to pay upon arrival. The cost for a family of 4 was $240. It cost $60 per person and then tax was added. In my opinion it was well worth the cost. We met families at the resort who spent two hours waiting to get through customs. That was an experience I knew we did not want when we arrived. My kids kept saying it was like a fast pass!

We also had reserved our private transportation to and from the resort through Dominican Airport Transfers or DAT. For a set price round trip they will pick you up at the airport and take you to your resort and then give you a pick up time to return you to the airport on your departure day. They ensure you will make it to the airport in the right amount of time. It took all the worry and stress out of our airport experience.

For the VIP experience you will be greeted on the jet bridge by one of the VIP associates with a placard with your name on it. They will then take your passports and customs documents and whisk you straight to immigration. Here we had our own private line and passed many who were waiting.

Next she asked if we needed anything at the Duty free shop or a restroom and took us to the VIP lounge where we were able to sit and have soda, beer , or water while she went to retrieve our bags and to make sure our car with DAT was waiting.

After they had retrieved our bags we were whisked through the rest of customs and through a VIP door to our car. It was the easiest customs and immigration experience you could ask for.

I highly recommend using DAT and VIP fast track service at the airport to make your travel as stress free as possible.



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